3 Types Of Content Strategies For mLearning Courses

content strategies for mlearningIf you are interested in creating mlearning courses, you need to know the different strategies that you can use to deliver the content. Although this is a great elearning method, there are elements that make it a challenging course to create.

Mobile learning is continually rising in popularity because of the way people use their mobile devices. We cannot go anywhere without it. So if you create your course in such a way that it can be accessed by mobile devices, then you know that more people will be more inclined to use it. So if you have something that you want to share, creating mlearning courses is the best way to do this.

But once you have decided to use mobile learning, then next question is the type of content strategy that you will use. The thing about this type of learning is that most of its users are impatient, on-the-go, and distracted. You need to choose the right strategy that will help learners get the information that they need despite all the learning obstacles that are present in mobile learning courses.

So what are your options? You have three choices for your content strategy.

Just-in-time learning

This is a type of informal learning that simply refers to information that can be accessed on demand. When someone needs information, they will turn to this mlearning course for enlightenment. It serves as an effective performance support that can immediately deal with current issues at work. These usually includes articles and short tutorials. It can also be a graph or infographic that can be understood even with just a glance. Even the ability to ask questions and be answered immediately is considered as a just-in-time type of learning. Since mobile devices are primarily used for communication purposes, this type of content strategy is perfect to deliver just that. It allows learners immediate access to knowledge regardless of where they are or when they need it. And since they are holding their mobile devices all the time, it fits perfectly.

Bite-sized learning

This is another content strategy that suits mlearning perfectly. You have to look at the appeal of mobile devices to understand why. Mobility allows people on-the-go to learning even without disrupting their hectic schedules. They do not have to block off a whole day or a couple of hours just to get the information or training that they need. They only have to allocate a couple of minutes to do that.

Bite-sized learning is also known as microlearning. It is basically short courses that can usually be completed in a couple of minutes. In most cases, it is not the whole course – but a portion of it. But the way the content is presented allows it to stand alone as a separates course. This content strategy makes rapid learning possible – which is admittedly more interesting compared to the lengthy courses. Condensing valuable content will also make a lasting impact on the learning since it is viewed to be more meaningful.

Self-directed learning

The final content strategy option for mlearning courses is the self-directed learning. This is a type of learning strategy wherein you give learners complete control over the process, evaluation and progress. They set their own goals and seek the resources that will answer their questions. Now this is a tricky strategy because you need motivated learners to make it really work. Otherwise, they will falter and fail to complete the course. But if they are serious about their pursuit for learning, it should not be that difficult to push them towards the right direction. Your job will be easier but it is very important to pay attention to what you will provide them – so you can be assured that they will be getting the information from the right resources.

Take note that it is possible to combine these three content strategies in mlearning. Figure out the type of mobile learning that you want the learners to experience so you can choose the right option to use.

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