A Different Way of Learning

virtual classroom

Things are different now. Businesses all over the world are adapting or being left behind at an unprecedented rate. At the Quill Consultancy we are adapting too.

Starting from May 2020, the Quill Consultancy is offering a new short form delivery method for training. We recognise that being taken out of work for a full day to attend training is no longer an option for many employees as they have been thrust into the remote workplace. We also recognise that the more traditional full day training course is not practical for the remote environment.

Virtual or remote training should be short, sharp and engaging. Giving learners the information they need in easily digestible bites. Learners need to able to attend a session in the morning, put new skills to use in the afternoon and then come back the next day to reinforce their knowledge and continue to learn and improve their skills.

For these reasons we are now offering our courses as 1 hour sessions run over multiple days, making them easier to fit into a busy schedule and increasing learner retention in the long run.

For the first round of our short and sweet sessions see the table below for what’s on in the first week of May. Click a link to see more details.

Start TimeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
09:00Web Development (1)Web Development (2)Web Development (3)Web Development (4)Web Development (5)
10:15MS Teams OverviewFree Teams Training!MS Teams Overview
11:30Azure Fundamentals (1)Azure Fundamentals (2)Azure Fundamentals (3)Azure Fundamentals (4)
14:00Power Platform Fundamentals (1)Power Platform Fundamentals (2)Power Platform Fundamentals (3)Power Platform Fundamentals (4)Power Platform Fundamentals (5)
15:15MS Teams for PresentersMS Teams for Presenters

If you would like to know any more about our sessions, or have any other enquiries, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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