About Using Mobile Apps To Supplement Custom Training Programs

businessman holding revolving phonesWe all know that the learning does not stop after the custom training program. If you really want to improve the performance of the company’s workforce, you must ensure that your follow through is effective. This is the best way for you to check if the program was able to meet its goals.

There are many tools for you to assess the employees who participated in the elearning course. Most of them revolve around the way the lessons learned are implemented in the daily routine of the workers. You can create a survey for both the participants and their direct supervisors. This will allow you to get two different points of view when it comes to any improvements in the output and performance of the workers. You can also create a post-course test to assess the retention rate of the learners.

Or, you can use mobile apps as a supplemental tool for your custom training program.

A mobile app may be a bit costly compared to creating a survey or test but it is quite effective. Probably the best thing about this method is you get to analyze the actual performance and behavior of the workers. You will not only rely on the opinions reflected in a questionnaire. You can observe first hand how the course improved the knowledge and skills of the learners. All of this will be evident in how they will use the mobile app.

The most fun way to use a mobile app is to create a game that will help learners practice what they learned. A simulation or problem-solving game should be a great way to practice implementing the lessons from the custom training program.

You can also create a social game that involves answering questions or overcoming problems that are will develop important skills in workers. This mobile app can be used to create a competitive environment within the workplace. You can also include questions that will prompt learners to study on their own. This will not only encourage them to initiate self-learning, it will also allow you to gauge the capabilities and expectations of the learners outside of the training program.

Of course, it does not have to be in the form of a game all the time. You can simply create an information packet that will allow employees to look at it even when they are offline. You can track how many times they view this app and what specific part they always access. There may be retention problems in that area and you can use this revelation to improve the next custom training course. That way, the new batch of trainees will not deal with the same issues as those who took the first course. The data can also be used in any refresher courses for the workers.

Another way you can use a mobile app as a follow through of your course is by creating a program that directly involves the implementation of the lessons. For instance, sales personnel can benefit from an app that will help them explain products to their clients. It will not only help them sell products, it will also create a gateway for training programs to determine how the apps are used.

The ways you can use a mobile app to supplement your custom training program is endless. Make sure to keep it relevant so you will not waste resources or distract the workforce from what truly matters in the business. Not only that, pay close attention to the analytics of the app so the behavioral patterns of the users can easily be tracked for development purposes.

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