Basic Story Plots You Can Use While Creating Custom Content For eLearning

using stories for custom contentCustom content in elearning is important because it shapes the journey that learners will go through. We all know that the path to knowledge can either be hard, interesting, challenging, or easy. It all depends on how you deliver the content of the lesson.

This is why it pays to get to know the basic story plots that you can use as a pattern for online courses. It gives the whole course a sense of narrative that can make the learning experience enriching. Not only that, it can also engage the learners as they go through the whole course. After all, the custom content that you will write will be like the script of the online course. If you can choose the right flow of content, you can create a memorable and highly engaging online course for the learners.

So what are the story plots that you can use to pattern your elearning content?

Going on a quest.

Think about the “Lord of the Rings” plot. The main character (or the learner) goes on a quest to get the answers that they need. After all, we all try to learn something because there is a need that has to be addressed. You can start by highlighting the objective or goal of the online course. You will then alternate the introduction of a new concept and an assessment that serves as the obstacle in the quest. They need to overcome this obstacle (or pass the test) to get to the next level. Only then will they unlock a new information that will get them closer to achieving their elearning goals.

Overcoming a problem.

Think about the story of Godzilla. Here you have a monster that you have to overcome in order for you to live a normal life. Or at least, work on improving what you currently have. To pattern your custom content on this story plot, you need to identify a problem that the learner is going through. This is the “evil” that you have to overcome. For instance, local companies have to deal with the rising popularity of online shopping. How can they battle this “monster” that is trying to eat up their share of the market? By concentrating on defeating the monster, you can create content that will identify the skills that you need to be better at selling.

Going from rags to riches.

This is a classic plot twist that everyone loves. You have a character that started out in poverty but after going through several hurdles and overcoming them, they gained wealth. This pattern in your elearning course can be great for induction or orientation programs. The employee starts with no knowledge or experience in the company. But as they go on, they will soon get experience and have more insight than when they started. That means the riches that they will get will be in the form of relevant and valuable experience that they can use to improve their productivity.

These are the most common story plots that you can use to create custom content for your elearning course. Even if you do not intend to use storytelling as a strategy, you can still use these plots to give your course a pattern that learners can recognize. It will also make it easier for you to create a smooth flow for the course.

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