What Is Campaign Learning And Why You Should Pair It With mLearning

What Is Campaign Learning And Why You Should Pair It With mLearningHere is one strategy that you can use in the workplace: campaign learning and mlearning. We all know what mlearning is – which is just short for mobile learning. It simply refers to getting access to learning materials through your mobile devices.

Mobile learning is beneficial in the workplace. That had been proven for the past couple of years. A campaign, on the other hand, is also an important strategy when it comes to improving the productivity and profitability of the company.

But what about campaign learning? What exactly does it mean?

What is campaign learning?

Before we discuss this learning strategy, let us define what a campaign is. Simply put this is an effort to work actively and in an organized manner to reach a target. For instance, if you want to create awareness, you come up with a series of activities and events that will help increase the exposure to your target market.

When this concept is applied to learning, it involves the indirect delivery of the training. It is done in such a way that people talk about the learning objective. What you do is to generate interest in the idea or concept so the learners will discuss it among themselves. As they communicate, they share information and in the process, increase their learning. This is another form of informal learning.

How it pairs with mobile learning

Since the learners take a pivotal role in the process, campaign learning usually takes the form of bite-sized learning materials. This is one of the reasons why this is best paired with mlearning. The fact that it comes in microlearning format makes mobile devices the ideal platform to deliver the course. Not only that, the campaigns are fueled by the reaction of the learners. They are able to act on their reactions in a more immediate manner because their mobile devices allow them to do so anytime and anywhere.

But how can campaign learning happen in mlearning?

Well, informal learning is usually best done through social learning. Mobility makes it easier for learners to access social networking sites, chat groups, message boards, etc. Since mobile devices are carried around everywhere, notifications of new messages or topics will reach the learner immediately. This allows the learners to always be in the loop of the learning process.

Why use campaign learning?

Now that you know why it is a good idea to use it in mlearning, let us discuss the different reasons why campaign learning is a valuable tool in your training initiatives.

First of all, it can improve knowledge retention. Campaigns are not a one-time thing. As defined, it is a series of events and activities. Being exposed to a particular idea will help drive the message home more efficiently.

Campaigns also have a certain appeal to it because it is enticing and build anticipation. Given the nature of a campaign, learners will hold on to the promise that there is another piece of information that will be delivered. This expectation, when sustained over a long period will start to embed itself in the behavior of the learners. This will make them more inclined to initiate the learning process to improve their own capabilities. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to make them excited to learn and you are also building a culture of learning in the workplace. If you give them links and resources, it should be easier for them to explore learning on their own.

Imagine all of these happening on their mobile devices. This is the reason why you need to think about including campaign learning in your next training initiative. Not only that, make sure you pair it with mlearning to make it even more effective.

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