Content Creation Tips When Writing Your Elearning Quizzes

elearning quizThe content creation of the quizzes in your elearning course is important. This will help you assess a lot of things about the course. First, you can check how well the learners understood the lesson. The more questions they answer correctly, the more successful the course will be deemed. The more incorrect answers mean you failed at teaching them something. Another benefit of a well-constructed elearning quiz is it will help you determine if the course met your goals.

Because of these benefits, it is important that you understand how the elearning quizzes should be written. You do not have to resort to the boring way of delivering quizzes. Thanks to technology, there are more sophisticated ways to assess if the learners understood the course. If you have a very engaging and interactive course, you may want to make the assessment fun as well. Sometimes, a well-constructed quiz will not only tell you if they understood the lesson. It can also give an insight of the effectiveness of the learning methods you used in the course.

To help you with the content creation of elearning quizzes, here are a couple of tips that you can follow.

Have a goal. Start by thinking about the goal of the quiz. This will help you come up with the right questions and will even help you determine how to phrase them. Is the quiz intended to help you identify their stock knowledge even before they start the course? Is it meant to be a breaker in between sections of the course? Take note that quizzes are not only meant to be at the end of the course. You can position them strategically throughout the course.

Make it simple and concise. Unless it is necessary, you need to keep your quizzes short. Sometimes, elearners are busy people who chose to learn online because the alternative did not fit their schedule. Stay away from lengthy questions and answers. The more simple it is, the better.

Use terms the learners can understand. This is the same as the content creation tip for the rest of your elearning course. Make sure the words you use are the level as those who will take it. Try not to make them decipher what you are trying to say.

Be as creative as possible. Try to use visuals instead of limiting yourself to the traditional text. Use images or even animations. The younger the learner, the more creative you want the quizzes to be. They are the dreaded part of the course. You want to make sure it will be as fun as possible for the learners.

Know the type of questions you can give. Multiple choices are too simple but having them write essays may be too boring. Mix it up with other types of questioning. You can also try scenario-based questions to help you determine how the learners will apply what they learned in real life.

The content creation of your elearning quizzes will allow you to get the insight that you need to assess the whole course itself. This is why you need to be careful about how you will write it. Make sure you spend enough time with this so you can get as much of your questions answered without overwhelming the learners with the assessment. You should also remember that an elearning quiz will help increase the retention of the course. This is why the quiz should help leave a lasting mark on the learners.

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