Different Ways That mLearning Has Changed Over The Years

Different Ways That mLearning Has Changed Over The YearsIn general, mLearning has changed significantly over the years. It is starting to play a more prominent role in the elearning industry.

This is not surprising since mobile technology has come a really long way. Our mobile devices have gotten really smarter over the years. With all the improvements and the sophisticated programs that can be used, the elearning industry is bound to take advantage of it. Since mobile users are quite attached to their mobile phones, it has become a great platform to deliver new information.

But how exactly have things changed over the years? Knowing these changes will help developers create the most effective mlearning courses for modern students. Here are some of the most prominent changes that are influencing mobile learning over the years.

Preference for social learning

Most of us have social media accounts. Even our elders who did not grow up with the technology is caught up in it. There seems to be a preference for social interaction online – and it sets up the framework for social learning. Humans are social beings and adding the Internet to that mix makes learning all the more accessible and interesting too. When you consider how these two can be utilized to further learning and education, you have a powerful strategy before you. From blogs, forums, social networking sites – all of these can be used as a learning platform and mlearning is making sure it remains accessible.

Abundance of mobile apps

Another change that strengthens mobile learning is the abundance of mobile apps. Some are focusing on game apps. However, there are a lot of educational apps that are also being created to make learning fun. The use of interactive mobile apps has gone higher and courses have made sure to use it or incorporate it into the learning process. These apps could be in the form of games, videos or even Virtual Reality. It is shaping the learning experience in general.

Demand for on-the-go learning

One other thing that has driven the changes in mlearning is the need for on-the-go learning. Mobile devices are the perfect way to satisfy this demand. Since everyone has it anyway, it is the best way to make learning available – especially when it comes to performance support. With the improvements and wider Internet reach, this has become more useful and valuable in corporate training initiatives. Just create short videos or courses and make them accessible through mobile devices and on-the-go learning can happen anytime.

Better access to information

We’ve mentioned how the Internet has a wider reach. That means the information within is more accessible. Since mobile devices practically go wherever we do, that information becomes available right at our fingertips. It is also up to mobile learning to make sure that the right course is made available and accessible for those who are looking for it. By keeping it there, it is possible for learners to visit the course and refresh their memory – making retention rate higher.


It is not just the games that make learning successful. It is the way it can connect the lesson to real-life scenarios that allow learners to practice what they have learned. This is something that mobile learning has come to embrace. Since it deals with short courses, there is a need to have a strategy that will make learning fast and effective. Gamification is the answer to that. It makes learning meaningful – no matter how short it is.

With the way technology is developing, it is not surprising if mlearning will continue to change. It is a must for elearning developers to understand all the advancements in technology to be able to use them to improve learning in general.

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