How mLearning Causes eLearning Friction And Tips On How To Avoid It

mlearning and elearning frictionMlearning or mobile learning is an effective way to learn while on the go. However, you need to be cautious of one thing – eLearning friction. This is a type of online learning obstacle that is prominent in mobile learning. It is anything that will keep the learner from completing the course effectively and efficiently.

Since learners are usually trying to learn on-the-go, they are subjected to various factors and elements that could compromise the quality of learning. They can be distracted easily. It is also possible that the learning will not happen in one sitting – even if it is a short one. Even the connectivity could hinder them from accessing the full lesson. There are so many things that can disrupt the learning process and that is what elearning friction is all about.

Does that mean we should limit the use of mlearning? Absolutely not! This type of learning is already an essential part of elearning and you can be sure that it will not go away. Even the threat of an elearning friction will not compromise the use of mobile learning.

Of course, this means you have to ensure that your mlearning courses are friction-proof. Here are three ways that you can deal with the elearning friction in mobile learning.

Boost engagement

How do you get yourself heard over a room full of people talking? You make your voice louder. And we do not mean increasing the audio element in the mobile learning course. When we mean is you should increase the level of engagement in the lesson. This way, the learner’s focus will remain on the lesson and not on what goes on around them. Make sure they are engrossed by coming up with activities that are interesting to them. Be creative in your delivery of the lesson.

Keep it short

Microlearning and mlearning will always be a perfect pair. It is hard to keep mobile learners glued to a lesson for a long time especially if there are a lot of distractions around. This is why you need to create short courses only. If you have a long course, cut them up to create several mini-courses. You cannot totally hold off distractions. If you keep the courses short, you can increase the chances of keeping the learners engrossed in the lesson long enough to finish it before their attention is taken away by distractions. Not only that, if connectivity becomes a problem, it is easier to download short courses compared to longer ones.

Focus on experience

Finally, you are encouraged to focus on the learner experience. Content is still important. But the manner by which it is delivered will help boost the retention rate. Not only that, it will help keep the attention of the learners on the lesson regardless of what is going on around them. You can use platforms that they are familiar with. You can motivate them to collaborate with fellow employees. There are so many ways that you can make the learning experience as memorable for the learner as possible.

Think about these three when you are creating mlearning courses for the workplace. While you cannot completely eliminate elearning friction, these tips will keep it from compromising the learning process.

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