How To Kill Procrastination In Asynchronous Blended Learning

bored manAsynchronous blended learning is a great way to learn at your own pace. This is a type of learning strategy wherein the learner is not required to study with the instructor and fellow learners in real-time. The learner can choose to access the learning material whenever it is necessary.

This is a great option for those who wish to learn but cannot do so because of their busy schedule. Through this type of learning, people have the option to study after their regular work hours – or whenever they are free. In case their schedule cannot permit it, they can choose to study today and not tomorrow. They can calendar the learning process and be confident that they can finish it without disrupting their life. The appeal of a flexible learning schedule is a great way to encourage learners to pursue education regardless of scheduling conflicts.

There is only one thing that can pose as a problem for asynchronous blended learning – procrastination. This is a habit of putting off something until the last minute. This is very easy to succumb to when you are left to your own devices – like in asynchronous learning.

To help keep the learners from delaying the learning process too much, here are some tips that you can follow.

Remove distractions.

One of the most common problems that procrastinators face are distractions. You need to eliminate this because they will really look for distractions to delay the blended learning proces. From social media sites to browsing the Internet – these are distractions that can push the learning to the side. Try to remove distractions by simplifying the courses and every page. You should also remove any loud music that can make their minds wander off. In case there are times when they are required to do their own research, make sure you direct them to where they should go – to keep them from venturing to other sites that are not connected to the course.

Make them accountable.

Another thing that you need to do is to make the learners accountable so they will be encouraged and motivated to complete the lesson. If possible, create a contract that will force them to stick to a schedule. You are not really removing the freedom to learn at their own time. You can be lenient with the time frame. For instance, phase 1 of the asynchronous course should be done within a week. Or you can set up milestones. By placing milestone achievements at a high regard in the course, the learners will feel motivated to meet them to feel accomplished in the learning process. Give them a set of goals and activity targets to get them going.

Give regular breaks.

We all need to refresh after working hard. You do not want procrastinators to feel tired or burnt out after a lesson. That will make them more hesitant to proceed to the next course. Give them a breather every now and then – but make sure the time constraints are strictly enforced. This does not have to mean the blended learning course will be cut short every now and then. You can create an elearning game to give their minds some time to relax. An activity that will help their minds feel refreshed should make them feel energized to proceed to the next lesson.

Do not let procrastinators waste the opportunity to expand their knowledge through asynchronous blended learning. You have to help them manage and organize their time so they can complete the course without wasting too much time. It is up to you to make the learning process as entertaining and interesting to them as possible.

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