Important Tips When Using Education Videos In Blended Learning

Important Tips When Using Education Videos In Blended LearningBlended learning continues to prove how important it is in the modern day needs of both teachers and students. According to studies, 59% of teachers say that students are more motivated to learn when digital tools are integrated into the process. This is a good revelation when it comes to learning. Although a fully online learning method is effective, there are still positive effects combining the traditional way of learning and that of digital learning materials.

What is great about hybrid learning is that it combines the best of both worlds. Students are still able to socialize with each other. At the same time, they enjoy the digital materials – something that they are comfortable and interested in. Whether you use videos or incorporate social media in the learning process, it is sure to increase the level of engagement in students.

One of the most popular ways to include digital materials in learning is through educational videos. While this can make the lesson a lot more interesting, there are a few things that you need to remember.

Choose the right video.

Do not just use a video just for the sake of making the lesson interesting. It has to be something that is relevant to the lesson. If you are teaching history, a documentary about the period or era that you are teaching should be a good choice as a blended learning material. It can be a movie about that period – as long as the representation in the movie is true.

Acquire the video in the most ethical way possible.

It is very easy to download a video or movie online. However, as an educator, you have to ensure that you are not violating any piracy laws or copyright restrictions. Plagiarism is never okay and you need to be a good example. If you have to get a video, make sure the owner is credited for the work. Educate the students about plagiarism online and how to cite video clips properly – even when it is used for educational purposes.

Provide adequate introduction.

Do not just pop the video and leave it at that. Make sure you allot enough time to introduce the video to the students before making them watch. Give them pointers so they will know what to observe while watching the video. Not only that, you can also prepare questions that should be answered at the end of the video. This will encourage the students to pay attention to the material being shown. It will also guide them and ensure that they will not miss out important parts of the video.

Allow some time for reflection.

After the video, you should allow time for reflection – immediately after. There are several ways to do this. You can ask them to answer the questions provided before the video. Another is by asking them to form a group to discuss pointers about what they just watched. Give them a few minutes before asking the whole class to talk about the video. This will give everyone the chance to compose their thoughts and ideas about the video before the formal discussion.

When used properly in blended learning, educational videos can effectively stimulate students to understand new concepts. Just remember that this is merely a part of the whole lesson, and should not be intended as the whole course.

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