Issues To Overcome When Using Mobile Learning In Your eLearning Strategy

book with tablet and phoneMobile learning is undeniably the next step when it comes to elearning strategies. If you want to take your online courses to the next level, you need to understand what mobile learning is all about.

Simply put, this is a type of learning method allow “on-the-go” learners to go through the course. Thanks to the emergence and popularity of smart phones, gadgets and other mobile devices, this method of learning is now possible. And since we have an Internet connection almost anywhere, online learning is something that can happen literally anytime and anywhere.

This makes for a convenient way of learning. If you are intent on taking your elearning initiatives further, you may want to familiarize yourself with this strategy.

Take note that this is not as simple as making your current courses mobile-friendly. There are a couple of details and issues that you need to understand for you to incorporate this in your elearning plans properly and more importantly, successfully.

Learners will be distracted.

The first issue, and probably the most important one is the fact that your learners are distracted. In truth, there will always be a distraction no matter what type of learning strategy you will implement. Even if your elearning course is the traditional online one in a quiet place, there will always be something that could take the attention of the learners away from your lesson. However, when it comes to mobile learning, the distraction is taken to greater heights. As we mentioned, we are dealing with people who are always on-the-go. You have to make sure that your content is engaging enough to drown out all the other distractions in the environment. It could be a captivating video, a high-retention audio piece, etc. You want to make your course short but very informative because your hold on their attention might slip if the course is too long.

Learners are rushed.

Another important issue that you need to know is the fact that your learners are usually in a rush. Otherwise, they could have waited to go home or be in a more quiet place to learn. That means you need to construct your elearning course carefully. As mentioned, it has to be short but very informative. Not only that, you have to know your learners deeper so you can understand where they will most likely be accessing your course. Will they be travelling? Or will they be stationary somewhere while going through your course? If your target audience are those who usually travel, you may want to pay attention to the audio of your course. That way, learners can drive while listening to what you want them to learn. Not only that, you should define the knowledge foundation of your learners. That way, you know where you can start the lesson to keep it short.

Device limitations.

In case you are merely repurposing the content of the mobile course from an existing elearning course, you need to acknowledge the limitations of mobile devices. First of all, you have a smaller screen to deal with. Although a lot of mobile phones have bigger screens, it will not be the same as a laptop of a desktop monitor. You need to make sure that any text, image or video on your course will fit and not be distorted when accessed from a mobile device. You should also consider the fact that the Internet connection is not the same everywhere. If possible make uploading and downloading minimal to keep an unstable connection from ruining the learning experience of your learners.

Try not to rush the development of your mobile learning course to avoid wasting your effort. Although your learners may be rushed, your preparation for the course should not. Think carefully about how you will construct this and make sure that the content will just be as clear and informative as a traditional elearning course.

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