What Makes Custom Training Programs For Employees Easier To Do

What Makes Custom Training Programs For Employees Easier To DoCustom training programs may seem like a daunting task but it is more advantageous than you think. It is true that getting an off-the-shelf learning material is easier and faster. It is probably cheaper too – if you consider both time and effort as part of the investment. There are a lot of online courses available online that will teach you a variety of knowledge and skills that will increase the productivity of employees in the workplace. But the question is, will it be sufficient for what you need?

According to current trends in training programs, the one-size-fits-all is no longer enough. It may be true that these generic courses will teach you the basics. For instance, you want to teach selling techniques to employees. There are probably thousands of courses about this. But none of these off-the-shelf courses can give the employees the exact words, mannerisms, and selling skills that would allow them to represent the company perfectly. While customers may seem like they are all the same, knowing the specific preferences of the target market will allow the selling process to happen more successfully. A generic course will leave employees on their own to interpret what they learned and mold it to suit their respective roles within the company.

The truth is, creating a custom training program will take more work. But it is important for you to realize that the extra effort is all worth it. Fortunately for you, there are sophisticated programs and methods that have come into light to make it easier to create a unique and specific training program.

Here are some of your options.


These are short courses that are usually a couple of minutes long. They can be easily created because they are shorter. You can create one generic introductory course for everyone and then create different follow through courses according to the needs of various people within the organization. You can be flexible in designing the training program because they are cut up into bite-sized courses. As long as the courses are spaced out well and the connection with each other is clearly stated, it should take everyone a step closer to the training goals.

eLearning videos

Videos can be as short as 5 minutes but jam-packed with information. This is an entertaining way to learn and when done correctly, can be also very effective. Of course, creating a video will take some technical skill. However, there are various software programs that even non-tech-savvy individuals can use.

Mobile learning

What is great about mobile learning is the fact that it gives employees access to the custom training program regardless of where they are. Whether they are out of the office, traveling for business, or in a remote location, they can access the training materials. This is a great way to roll out training initiatives to people who are always on-the-road. It provides them with just-in-time learning that perfectly suits the pace that the company prefers. At least, without compromising the daily schedule of every employee.

Game-based learning

Games have been found to be very effective when it comes to elearning. And what is every more appealing is the fact that it can help you create customized learning materials. These can address the specific training needs of employees. You can choose to create the rules, challenges, and even the storyline to suit what has to be learned or improved upon. It is also very engaging so this method is actually a great option to have.

Online library

Another way to approach custom training programs is through an online learning library. Create various courses that employees can access when they need it. This is another form of just-in-time learning. When there is a need to learn something new or refresh their knowledge, they do not have to worry. The material they need can be accessed through an online library.

As you can see, all of these options can be used to create custom training programs and courses that will help individuals perform well in the company. What is great about these options is that they are trending this year. That means you will see a lot of applications and programs that will help you use them as you create learning materials.

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