On Making E Courses For The Elderly: Obstacles You Might Have To Overcome

On Making E Courses For The Elderly: Obstacles You Might Have To OvercomeMaking e courses for the elderly is not the same as creating one for kids or adults. You need to understand the needs and the lifestyle of the elderly before you create elearning courses for them.

Some people think that the elderly have no need for online learning. They have never been more wrong. The seniors in our society still have a couple of years or even decades to them. If they want to be able to live comfortably, they need to learn how to keep up with technology. Not only that, their physical bodies need more understanding. The learning process never ends just because you retired from work.

Why elearning courses for the elderly is a rising need

A study was done on the elderly and their need for elearning. This study revealed a couple of truths about them.

First of all, the elderly have more time in their hands to learn. In fact, an edX report revealed that 1 out of 10 participants in their e courses is over 50 years old. They may not be the majority but that 10% is still a significant number.

The elderly are also in need of specific information that can help them live longer. For instance, some relevant information about heart diseases and a healthy diet will be interesting for retirees. If they are given information that will help them improve their lifestyle, it will not go unnoticed by them.

Retirees who are looking for new hobbies will also be on the lookout for new information like learning how to garden, cook, travel, etc. They have a lot of time in their hands and they certainly do not want to be bored.

While it is clear that the elderly can benefit from e courses, developers would have to be aware of the specific needs of the audience. Children, adults, and the elderly have different learning preferences. Knowing what these are will help you create a very effective online course.

Tips when creating e courses for the elderly

Here are some of the things that you need to remember as you create online courses specifically for the elderly.

Opt for a self-guided form of learning. When you are in your senior years, you would think of yourself as someone who should be teaching others – not the other way around. So having an instructor that is a lot younger might not be appealing to the target learners. Allow them to learn on their own to make things more simple.

Make it short and creative. Seniors may not be physically able to do a lot of things and that includes sitting for a long time in front of a computer. Make sure the course is short and will not make them lose focus because it ended up being too long. Microlearning should be a great strategy to use.

Do not forget memory issues. Another thing that you need to remember when making e courses for the elderly is their memory. Retention rate will not be as high as the younger learners. This is why you need to give them the full experience and ensure that the learning process is both engaging and interactive. Start by making each course short and simple. Using visuals and being creative will probably help as well.

Be specific. Remember that the elderly already know a lot of things. So avoid generic courses. Give them specifics and will not have a problem getting their attention and interest.

These are only some of the things that you need to remember when creating e courses for the elderly. Consider their needs and their technical capabilities and you should be able to create the perfect elearning course for them.

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