How Mobility Plays A Role In E Learning For Kids

How Mobility Plays A Role In E Learning For KidsThere is an eye opening statistic about both mobility and e learning for kids. Apparently, it is harder to find a book in a school than finding a mobile phone. A study was done involving 16 sub-Saharan African countries. It was discovered that a lot of primary schools, a majority, in fact, have very few or no books at all. In South Africa, which is already considered a rich country, only 7% of their schools have a fully functional library. This particular statistic tells us two things: a huge problem in education and an easy solution to it.

The problem is obviously the scarcity of books in some areas. It is an indication that education is significantly compromised. How can one learn without books? While the mind is a great resource of information, it is nevertheless riddled with opinions. It is hard to rely on it alone to provide a formal method of learning.

But then again, the statistic provides us with a very simple solution. If books are hard to come by, why not use mobility to make up for it? According to the statistic, most people around the world have a mobile phone. In fact, 90% of the global population has access to a mobile network. If you can implement mobile learning in these areas, the lack of physical books will no longer hinder the pursuit of learning. In fact, students will now have access to more information than what a typical library can offer.

Implementing mobility in the classroom

Without a doubt, e learning for kids can really benefit from the use of mobile learning. What you have to realize is that these kids do not know what life is like without these mobile phones. Using it in education will feel natural to them.

Of course, that does not mean we will forego traditional learning in the classroom. It is still important for the children because of the social interaction that they will go through. But nevertheless, combining mobile learning and traditional learning can reap various rewards when it comes to the education of the students.

First of all, students can easily access new learning methods. You can use videos, games, and other applications and use it to complement the lessons being taught in school. Not only that, ebooks can easily be accessed – as long as they are given the right links to follow. Teachers can conveniently send study materials online and students can access it through their mobile phones.

Another advantage of using mobile learning in e learning for kids is its ability to connect parents and teachers. While this will not directly affect the learning of the student, it can build a strong support system for them. When both teacher and parents work hand in hand, education can continue even at home. Parents will be aware of what their children are struggling with in school – and teachers can better understand the behavior of the children inside the classroom. This collaboration is possible when mobility is used.

As you can see, the use of mobile phone in e learning for kids can be a powerful tool to give education a boost. Since the students are always holding their phones anyway, this should be a great way for you to reach them and encourage them to study.

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