What You Need Before Using Blended Learning

What You Need Before Using Blended LearningBlended learning continues to be used in the classroom. Digital learning is continually taking a stronghold in education. Of course, it is not right to assume that the traditional classroom learning will cease to exist. After all, there are lessons that are best learned the traditional way. However, that does not hinder elearning from gaining popularity as an option to learn.

According to statistics, one in ten students takes online higher education courses. An even bigger statistic, 13.3%, opts to combine online and traditional classroom learning. Colleges and universities have found the positive traits of both methods of learning and have combined its use.

As more educational institutions are impressed by the effects of blended learning, you can assume that other schools will follow. But how can one implement this hybrid method of learning properly? Here are some tips that schools should follow when they are trying to implement this type of learning in the traditional classroom.

Know the purpose.

It is very important that your objectives are clear. Why are you using this method of teaching? This way of learning requires a whole new level of tools and techniques to make it work. If you know your objectives, it will be easier for you to identify what you need to make the transition to blended learning easier.

Identify who will lead the learning process.

There are two ways to approach a hybrid learning. One is to let the instructor lead. Another option is to let the student lead. Identify what courses are best lead by the instructor and what is best lead by the student. Of course, the student lead courses will still have an instructor – but it is probably in the form of a narrator. You also have the option to combine the two. But you have to identify what part of the course will be lead by the instructor or the student.

Get to know the learners.

This is probably one of the most important things that you need to know. There are many tools available to implement blended learning. If you know who the learners are, it will be easier for you to identify what they need. You need to go as deep as you can in trying to learn about them. Get to know their background so you will know what they need out of the course. This will help you meet their expectations.

Consider the use of technology.

There are two aspects when you consider the use of technology in hybrid learning. First of all, you have to know how much of technology will be used. How much of the course will be taught online or through the use of digital tools? What part of the course will be taught in a face to face classroom setting? Think about these because it will help you implement the changes effectively.

Check the resources that you have.

There are many blended learning models available – that means you do not have to start from scratch. But you need to take a look at the technological capabilities of the institution as well. Can the school provide desktops for each table in the classroom? Or will you use mobile learning as well? These are important considerations.

Implementing blended learning for the first time is not really difficult – as long as you are prepared for the changes that will happen. As you are adjusting, make sure you establish a feedback system – both for the instructors and students. That way, you can observe how effective this type of learning really is.

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