Power BI – Covid-19 Statistics

Power BI Covid 19 Dashboard

Power BI is a fantastic business analytics tool which can be used by companies of all sizes to extract meaningful informaton from all sorts of data. Power BI also provides great visualisations from the data it analyses so it can be displayed and understood in a myriad of ways. Utilising Microsoft’s user-friendly interface, you can analyse data rapidly to produce visualisations and show them off in reports. Power BI also has the abililty to integrate with apps so your reports can be quickly distributed and it can also update the data in real-time. Power BI like its name states, is a powerful tool that is designed to be easy to use and will be a useful tool for any organisation.

We now have new course called the a Power BI Masterclass showing you how this tool works with the lastest COVID-19 Statistics, click on the link to book now!