About Push And Pull Content And What To Use In Online Courses

About Push And Pull Content And What To Use In Online CoursesWhen you are trying to create online courses, the content is very important. But more than that, the manner by which the content is delivered is also vital to the success of the course. If you choose the right strategy to deliver the content, that should help increase the retention rate of the course.

There are many categories that define how a content should be delivered. One of them is choosing between delivering a push or pull content.

What is push and pull content

But then again, what does the push and pull content mean?

This is a popular marketing strategy that is applicable to content. According to the definition from Chron, it all depends on how the consumers are approached. In a push marketing campaign, the products are given to the target market. In a pull marketing, the goal is to create a loyal following so consumers come to you for the product.

This is a great way to define the difference between push and pull content.

When you use a push content, that means you will send the information to whoever you want to learn. If a certain team or group of employees need training, you will email the content to them or put it in a newsletter. Or you will rely on team leaders and superiors to conduct the training. In other words, you will push the content to them so they can learn something new.

On the other hand, if you use pull content, it is the learners who will come to you for learning. You will just have to be prepared and have it ready. It means you have all the online courses available so they can access it when they need it.

Reasons why pull content is ideal today

Now that you know the difference between the two, which one should you focus on?

Apparently, more elearning developers are better off focusing on creating pull content. There are a couple of reasons why this is a good idea.

First of all, it means developers need to focus on providing quality online courses. And when we say quality, that does not only mean giving them good content. It also means giving them a good learning experience. When they have a good time while learning, they will be more likely to want to learn more. You can say that pull content will motivate developers to come up with quality courses.

Another thing that makes pull content timely is the fact that people are naturally looking for new information themselves. People are more web-literate. When they have a question, they are more proactive in getting the answer to their questions.

Finally, this is a great time to focus on pull content for elearning courses because there are so many places for you to put the content where it is easily accessible. You have YouTube and other social media sites. There are also blogs and article directories. You just have to identify where the target learners usually go to for answers. You can put the elearning content there.

Of course, these do not mean the push content should not be used in online courses. There are certain elearning materials that are best delivered as push content and some as pull content. It all depends on what will help you meet your elearning goals. You also have to consider the personal learning preference of the target learners. This will tell you which of the content strategies you should follow.

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