What Is Rapid eLearning And How To Use It In E Learning For Kids

rapid elearning for e learning for kidsEver thought about using rapid elearning when creating new materials to use in e learning for kids? After all, the curriculum that you will use now is probably the same as what you had the previous year. That means you can use the same materials as before. Of course, that is where rapid elearning comes into play. Will you rely on the same materials as the previous year or will your spice it up a little and makes some changes?

It would definitely be a great idea to have a new material for the new batch of learners. However, creating a new content from scratch is out of the question. Not only is it costly, it is also tiring to create a new one. So what can you do? You use your old content and turn to rapid elearning to come up with something new.

According to studies, more than half of learning professionals have a growing need to develop content quickly. This is how rapid elearning is gaining popularity in the elearning industry. Simply put, this is a method used to help create elearning courses quickly and efficiently.

But how exactly can you use it in e learning for kids? Here are a couple of implementation tips that you can use.

Update old content with something new

You do not have to change the whole learning material to turn it into something new. You can choose a portion to change. Maybe one of the data that you used, a statistic, a case study or an example is no longer true. Or maybe new data was already released. You can choose to change that. That way, the data that you are presenting in the material will be based on the most recent information provided by experts. If you are citing examples, you can change it to refer to current events.

Add a new element

If there is nothing to update, you can choose to add something instead. It may be a video, a game, a story – these elements can give you new materials for e learning for kids. It will not seem like you are recycling old materials. You can get to know the new batch of learners and find out what interests them. You can use this to understand what you can add to the course.

Turn it into a video

Turning the whole material into a video is also a good idea. There are tools and software programs that you can use to turn old content into a video. It does not have to be something fancy or sophisticated. Sometimes, you can use PowerPoint to create videos too. You can also use the Windows Movie Maker to turn photos into a video – making the transition more fluid and artistic.

Make it mobile or social

Turning old content into mobile or social learning is also one thing that you can do to make it more interesting to use in e learning for kids. The young ones today were born into the world of mobility and social media. This is their idea of fun. If you tap into it and include it in the learning process, you can successfully make education very interesting.

Think about all of these rapid elearning implementation tips. You can really make e learning for kids more fun and exciting.

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