Storytelling Must-Haves When Using It For E Learning For Kids

storytelling in e learning for kidsStorytelling is a great method to use in e learning for kids. It is not just the creativity or the narrative that will help you get the lesson across. It is the combination of the emotion and information that will make it all the more effective.

When you convert a lesson into a story or infuse it into a narrative, you are giving the retention rate a huge boost. As you progress through the story, the learners will start to relate to the journey of the character. This is especially true if you are using characters that the children can relate to. This is a great way to engage them and get them involved in the plot. As they experience and relive what the character is going through, they get to have a more personalized way of learning.

This is what makes storytelling a very effective method to use in e learning for kids.

Of course, the key to making this successful is to ensure that you have a good story to tell. Here are some of the important features of a good story.

The character.

Let us start with the main character in the story. First of all, the character should be someone that the kids can relate to. It can be someone that is the same age as them – trying to learn something new. The character should also be created with a backstory. You have to identify where he or she comes from, the family background, etc. This will help influence the type of decisions and movements that the character will take. It will make the character more realistic and thus, relatable. As much as possible, avoid creating a character based on stereotypes.

The point of view.

Another way to make the story compelling is by giving the students a clear point of view. If it is not possible, at least make some parts of the story to be told in the point of view of the character. This gives the story more depth. This makes it easier for the students to see and understand what the character goes through in the story. It can leave a more lasting impact as the story unfolds.

The journey.

Finally, you have to give careful thought to the journey of the character. How will the character go through the process of uncovering a problem, searching for the solution, and discovering the lesson? The changes that will happen as the story is told will play an important role in making the e learning for kids more engaging and enjoyable.

Since the story will be used in e learning for kids, you have to consider how to use it online. When you are creating a story that you will tell via the digital platform, you need to make sure that the graphics and images complement the narrative. The dialogue should be in time with the images that are being shown. This will make your storytelling efforts more effective and appealing.

You should also consider having interactive scenarios. Remember Dora? She always talks to the viewers. That is effective. It keeps the kids glued to the screen. You can do that too. Make sure that character asks questions that will seem like the kids are helping in the decision-making process.

Think about all of these things when you use storytelling in e learning for kids. It is very easy to increase the retention rate of the lesson and at the same time, give the learning process an added boost in engagement and interaction.

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