Two Reasons Why Blended Learning Is The Best Method Of Instruction

man holding books and laptopWhat do you think of the claims that blended learning is the best method of instruction? Allow us to give you two reasons why this may be true.

There are many options to learn. You have the traditional classroom learning wherein the instructor and students are interacting in the same place and at the same time. There is also the elearning method that is increasing in popularity. With the increasing developments and dependency on the Internet, experts have found ways to use this platform as a means to provide education.

But in between, you have blended learning. Also known as hybrid learning, it literally uses both traditional and online methods of learning. That is one of the reasons why experts believe that it is the best method of instruction. Here are some important facts that you need to understand about this type of learning.

  • Face to face interaction is possible whenever it is most appropriate in the lesson. However, it is also possible to use tools that will allow the faster dissemination of information and exchange of messages between instructor and students. Group and one on one discussions can be done in the classroom or online. This allows constant communication. While the continuous learning and contact is also possible in elearning, the ability of blended learning to have face to face interaction makes the learning more meaningful. Students get the best of both worlds in terms of collaboration.
  • Instructors can use more tools to complete the lesson. Hybrid learning can use the traditional methods of instruction and evaluation like live presentations, experiments and paper and pencil assignments and tests. It can also use online tools that will bring lessons and evaluating materials to the students personal computer or device. The more tools that can be used makes the give and take of information more effective and efficient.

Apart from getting the best of both worlds, blended learning also enables students or learners to explore the self education according to their personal preferences. This is the second reason why this is the best method compared to other forms of learning. Interaction is important but sometimes, the different times and location hinders learning from happening. Some of those who wish to learn forego the chance because of these obstacles. But with hybrid learning, this is no longer an issue. Learning can happen without much compromise happening in the personal life of the learner. The strategy used in this method of instruction makes it possible to cater to various learning styles regardless of the conditions the learner is facing. This is what makes this a great method to use in corporate training programs too.

But while it may be the best strategy for certain learning requirements, you need to remember one thing. You need to learn how to construct your blended learning course properly. By using the right tools and knowing when they are applicable in your learning program is crucial to make it all work. You may have a lot of tools before you but if you fail to define when they are to be used, it might compromise the success of your learning strategy.

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