On Using Google Drive As Your Elearning Software

On Using Google Drive As Your Elearning SoftwareGoogle as an eLearning software is a fast rising option for instructors today. It used to be known only as a search engine or an email service. But now, the new feature, Google Drive, is becoming an effective tool in the eLearning industry.

Google Drive is a sample of a cloud-based software. It allows you to share your data via the Internet. Anything that is relevant to your eLearning course can be uploaded via your Google Drive account. You can share, edit and use it to store all the necessary files that you will need. Whether the files are in text, spreadsheet, images or videos, you can use this eLearning software to your advantage.

Here are some of the ways you can use Google Drive to meet your eLearning requirements.

  • Store your content, files and course data remotely. As mentioned, you can store photos, videos, texts, and other relevant files that you will need to complete your eLearning course. Since it is cloud-based, your files can be accessed by the users you choose to give access to regardless of their physical location.
  • Secure storage capabilities. You never have to worry about losing information. Even when your desktop or laptop crashes, you do not have to worry about your files being compromised. Storing it in the cloud will assure you that the files are safe and can be accessed as long as you have a device and Internet connection.
  • Enables group collaboration. Despite the distance, Google Drive allows different individuals to work together. For instance, text related projects can be shared in the group and the instructor can view the progress from time to time by simply going to the file. This will allow peer to peer interaction for virtual classrooms. You can even see which individual made the changes in the file.
  • Highly accessible. As an eLearning software, Google Drive allows the users to access data and files via desktop, laptop, tablet or even through your smartphone. When you create a file through your smartphone and upload it in your Drive, that can be viewed by those who have access to the file. Google also came up with a feature that allows users to work on their files offline. It will all be uploaded once you get an Internet connection.
  • Permits immediate editing. Since it is highly accessible, you can edit your files anytime and anywhere. You can access the file, make the necessary changes needed, upload it and go back to what you were doing. You do not have to go back to the office or anything.
  • Allows the creation of self-paced elearning courses. This software also allows you to set up the files on the Google Drive to let learners to go through the learning process at their own pace and time. This is also possible here. You just put the materials up in the cloud, give access to those who wishes to learn and it should all be easily done. It makes eLearning quite convenient for everyone.

The thing about Google is that they will always be counted on to make the necessary upgrades and updates on all their tools. So you can assume that as an eLearning software, Google Drive will only improve and get better.
Image courtesy of Cloudwards.net