On Using Live Streaming In Blended Learning

On Using Live Streaming In Blended LearningIf you are looking for ways to make blended learning more interesting, you may want to consider using live streaming. But what exactly does it mean?

This is simply a way to transmit and receive a live coverage of an event via the Internet. This can be either in audio or video format. Instead of having the students come to a classroom to listen to a lecture, the instructor can set up a video or audio coverage and live stream it over the Internet. Students can access it regardless of where they are.

Apparently, the live streaming industry is worth billions of dollars. Major social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have invested in integrating live streaming into their platforms. It is not surprising if this technology is used for learning purposes.

Without a doubt, technology has integrated itself deeply into the way education has changed over time. It was just a matter of time before live streaming is used by blended learning.

But then again, is this technology really beneficial?

Yes, it is. There are a couple of reasons why you want to consider using it to make the learning experience more valuable.

Increases attendance

Sometimes, people want to learn. But there are physical hindrances that make it difficult for them to pursue their education. It is either the school is too far or they are physically unable to venture out to study. This is where live streaming can make learning possible. Remote attendance becomes a possibility because those who cannot go to school can still listen to the live streaming of the lecture. As long as there is a stable Internet connection, anyone can access the course. All the students will not have an excuse to miss class.

Allows video storytelling

There is transparency in what goes on inside the school. Parents do not have to miss out on important school events like concerts, plays or games because everything is streamed live. They can see what happened even if they cannot get out of their busy schedules. This live streaming feature allows everyone to see what the school is all about. They can get an idea what goes on and if the facility can meet expectations or not.

Fosters a sense of community

Since there is transparency in the school, there is a higher sense of community. The barriers are removed because we all know what goes on inside. There is a stronger connection because parents, alumni and relevant individuals have an option to find out what happens inside the school. It makes involvement more possible because of the transparency.

Limitless collaboration

Blended learning can benefit from the limitless collaboration that live streaming can bring. As mentioned, there is no excuse to miss a class. When there is a need to collaborate, it is now possible to do it because physical barriers are no longer an issue. And this is not just about the students. It is now possible and more cost-efficient to invite speakers and persons of interest to join discussions. There are so many possibilities to collaborate once live streaming is used inside the classroom.

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