Want To Use MLearning? Ask These Questions First

corporate mlearningMlearning or mobile learning has proven its worth when it comes to corporate training programs. However, it is always best for you to approach it with caution. You have to make sure that this is something that will be a perfect fit for the company. It is not enough that you know that mobile learning is effective. There are other factors to consider – like the culture in your workplace. No matter how effective and efficient mobile learning can be, if it will not suit the needs of the company, then it will all go to waste.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine if mlearning is the right strategy to use. Ask the right questions. Here are the questions that you need to look ask yourself.

Is it hard to find the time to train employees?

All jobs are important but not all of them have a hectic schedule. There are employees that can be pulled from their daily routine without compromising their output. There are those who may not have the same freedom. If the employees have a fast-paced schedule, mlearning may be the best training strategy for them. That way, you do not have to wait until all of their schedules can accommodate the training. You can send them the online course and they can view it on their mobile devices when it is convenient for them.

Is the course a one-time thing or an ongoing training?

The thing about mlearning is that the information you will provide can be accessed anytime. It can be an on-demand source of information that will help employees as they go about their work. If it is a one-time lesson, placing it in a mobile device may not be necessary.

Is it okay to access the content through a mobile phone?

Let’s face it. A mobile device makes learning convenient but it puts the content in a vulnerable position. When the employee leaves their phone lying around, that information may be seen by someone else. And a mobile phone can be easily stolen or lost. If the course contains sensitive information, you may want to reconsider putting it out on a mobile device. It is better to have a closed-door training for this type of content. While you are giving up convenience, the security of the information is still the priority.

Is the content suitable to be viewed on a small screen?

There is content that is hard to see when viewed on the small screen of a mobile device – like a table of numbers and figures. But if it is a video that can be seen on a small screen, then it might be okay to use mlearning to deliver the information.

Is it something that has to be learned immediately?

If there is urgency in the lesson, then using mobile learning is the best way to go. It is very easy to send the information even if everyone is out in the field or taking care of their respective responsibilities. But if the information can wait, then it might be okay to wait until you can organize a training program.

Once you answer all these questions truthfully, you should have an idea if mlearning is the right training strategy for the company. If not, there are other options for you to pursue.

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